Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Photo Update

For the first time in my life, I've been busy with my very own activities instead of child-related activities.  I'm actually living, y'all!  On top of going back to college, I have some more major life events coming up soon which shall remain nameless for now.  Aren't I the woman of mystery?  A few places my feet have taken me lately:

Lover's Point, Monterrey, CA

Carmel, CA

Trying not to perish from hypothermia, nor blow off of the Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland side

Me, Banksy, and some mystery feet.  Hiking.

May I just mention how much my studded Converse All-Stars saved my feet?  I walked miles in these shoes for an entire week without one blister or complaint.  Also, I looked hella bad ass!

I have a question, though.  Since I can't just walk around school in a pencil skirt and blazer without looking like a teacher, and my fellow students often look like they just rolled out of bed and did the sniff test on the clothes from the floor in order to get dressed...  What the HECK do I wear to school?  I'm having a hard time.  Suggestions?

That's all,