Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wrinkled Pleather

You have no idea how much I cursed this shirt. Or I should say, myself for folding it and putting it in the drawer instead of hanging it like I should have. I spent some time googling how to iron pleather but I haven't actually tried it yet. If I fail, this shirt cost me three dollars at Winners so I won't be worried. A lot of the time you can't even thrift that cheap!



Why yes, I am quite demented, thank you.

Shirt: Love and Happiness, Winners

Skirt: Old Navy

Leggings: Ardene

Boots: Aldo

Necklace and Skull watch: Etsy

No animals were harmed in the making of this shirt. *cough* Ignore the boots. *cough*

That's all,



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Super Stripes Week: Day 6

This is my last stripe day. I could keep going, but the challenge was for a week and I don't want to be a nerd. Too much...

I'm all mysterious here because I took these outside and it was too bright to look at the camera, not because I'm thinking I'm all bad ass in my roller derby socks and my fedora.




Fedora: Ardene

Tank: Calvin Klein

Striped henley: Old Navy

Skirt: Guess

Tights: Joe

Socks: Ardene

Boots: Doc Martens

Scarf: Stolen!

*Somebody* told me that this skirt is indecently short, and that I might as well not even be wearing a skirt at all. I was thinking of passing it on only because it's starting to look more and more like acid wash every time I launder it, but now that I know it's indecently short I think I just may hold on to it.

That's all,



Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 5: Super Stripes Week

Diagonal stripes! I've had this skirt for almost ten years and for some reason I haven't worn it for about 8 years and forgot that it even existed. I bought this because it was more modest for work, but since I haven't worked in all that time, I haven't needed to wear anything below the knee. This jean jacket I bought for 5 dollars at Old Navy and who knows how long it's been in my closet but I ripped the tags off of it this morning, so that's progress in my book. I'm slowly getting this closet under control, I think.



Stripe Close-up:


First Lita outing of this spring:



The day was actually dry enough to wear my JC Litas outside for the first time this season. They make me happy.

Jacket: Old Navy

Tank: Winners

Skirt: Smart Set

Tights: Joe

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Headband: Goody

Nails: Sally Hansen 'In Bloom'

That's all,



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 4: Super Stripes Week

The weather is infuriating. Warm enough for spring jackets and bare legs one day, full on blizzard the next day, rain and thunderstorms another. Who can dress for this weather? I'm so sick of layers! I just want to be able to go outside in a dress and heels and not have to worry about bundling up. Ugh, Canada! How you gonna play a sista like that?




Twill moto jacket: Old Navy

Striped tee: Old Navy

Striped scarf: Bluenotes

Pinstriped trouser jeans: Guess

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the camera, but all black pants tend to look grey in photos. And pinstripes never look right! Do any of you photography types know what I'm doing wrong?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3: Super Stripes Week

I wore this when I went out for Indian with my daddy. At first I thought, "Red and pink doesn't match!" Then I decided that I dared someone to tell me that red and pink doesn't match, and I'd show them what black and blue looked like.

Or... not.


Shrug, belt: George

Dress: Old Navy

Tights: Value Village

Shoes: Dia de los Muertos by Iron Fist

Manicure: Koreans (Orly Purple Crush)



What say you? Red and pink: yay or nay?

That's all,



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shoegasm: Sam Edelman Yuma

I'm dying of lust. Click.

That's all,



Day 2: Super Stripes Week

I can't believe that not only am I wearing yellow, I'm also allowing photographic evidence of it and then posting it on the internet. What will happen to my street cred? Plus, these pants? No! Too short! Goodbye, pants.



The maniacal grin! What am I doing?


Ta da!


Yellow stripes: Old Navy

Run DMC T-shirt: Old Navy boys section

Pinstriped pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Socks: Payless

I wore this when I took my guys to see Rango. Johnny Depp is the voice of Rango. Fantasizing about a cartoon is just. plain. wrong. Johnny darling, would you please not do cartoons anymore?

That's all



Monday, March 21, 2011


Hosted by: Megan Mae Daily

I got a little carried away with planning for Super Stripes Week. I actually took items out of the "give away" bag just because they were striped. Even though I will put them back after this week, I wore some of them anyway. Is that cheating?

This could also be considered one of my "busy mom" outfits. We walked to the library and then hauled 50 pounds of books back home. On my back. It doesn't help that I took out one of the Outlander series in hardcover, and they weigh about ten pounds each on their own. It was warm enough to wear just this hoodie without a coat! Not remarkable unless I include the word: Canada. I was kind of disappointed that I still needed a toque (beanie!) for warmth, because my blowout turned out to be so swingy and bouncy that I felt like I needed a portable wind machine to follow me around, but such is life.




Striped Skull Toque: Old Navy little boy's section (stolen from the six year old)

Red and white striped tee: Old Navy (will belong to someone else soon!)

Sherpa hoodie: Old Navy. It's soft and warm and yes, be jealous.

Tuxedo Stripe pants: Old Navy (they make me want to pinch my own a$$)

Graffiti-striped shoes: American Eagle for Payless

Zebra striped bra and underwear: You can't see them even if you pay me.

Sunglasses: Club Monaco, didn't even notice that I had them on until now; I'm not trying to be Corey Hart

Oh heck, we might as well:

I was supposed to marry him. Do you think it's too late?

That's all,



Sunday, March 20, 2011

don't you wish your girlfrien was raw like me?

I've noticed quite recently that there is a high correlation between how tight my clothes are and how much guacamole I consume. What's the best thing about spring/summer? Raw food. The mini-me's and I like to graze all day on carrots and hummus, bell pepper strips and this:


Kale salad. We pretty much eat this every day in the warm-weather months, as long as I have access to kale since the local grocery store doesn't have many vegetables besides carrots, onions and potatoes with the occasional bag of dead spinach thrown in.

It's easy to make, also! It's just one bunch of kale, torn up by hand and washed. (kale is a dirty b@#$%!!!) Throw in a minced garlic clove, the juice of one lemon, two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of Bragg Liquid Aminos (that's like a raw, unfermented soy sauce which is called Bragg Liquid Seasoning in Canada), and 1/4 cup of raw sunflower seeds. Toss the salad (heh) and eat. Kale is a superfood, it provides great roughage and I used to sneak it into everything before I decided that I liked this salad. My vegan friend even blends it with berries and drinks it in a smoothie every morning. That kind of freaks me out, but I have yet to try it to see if my qualms are well-founded.

I ate this for lunch today but I threw some dried cranberries in there. Then I ate it again for dinner along with some chana masala and basmati. And carrots and hummus again. Ooh, and I ate some carrots for lunch too. Forgot. So I need to start fitting into my clothes again instead of giving in and buying bigger stuff... *ahem* and roller derby season starts again in three weeks and I am So. Not. Ready. Endurance-wise, I mean. Raw will let me do that. :)

I wore this:






Shirt: Bought for five dollars at Old Navy and I have almost worn it to death

Skirt: Old Navy, $2.99

Tights: Old Navy, $3.99

Polkadot socks that you can't see well enough: Zellers

Rubber boots: Walmart

Necklace: Orangeyredink Etsy (custom)

See those ugly tan hiking boots? They are being put away tomorrow! No more ice! Ditto for the salt-stained fUggs! (too wet for them) I'm well on my way to being able to wear hot shoes again, outside of my house!

That's all,



Monday, March 14, 2011

Super Stripes Week

Megan Mae Daily has posted a challenge for the week of May 21. Stripes. All stripes, all the time. All week long.

Oh, I am all over this.

Like white on...


Yes, I went there; yes, I am that lame.

That's all,



Friday, March 11, 2011

Cabin Fever

Last night it snowed over ten centimetres, then this morning it started to rain like crazy, thereby making me go a little crazy as well. So heck, why not play around in my closet and show you a few unedited, un-cropped action shots that are slightly blurry?





Shirt, Skirt: Old Navy

Tank: Calvin Klein

Cableknit Tights, Belt: Joe

Shoes: Guess

Necklace: Custom made by Orangyredink on Etsy

The sheer volume of photos makes me feel narcissistic and strange, but I'm going to go with it.

That's all,



Thursday, March 10, 2011


Part of me thinks that animal prints are tacky. Actually, part of me knows this. Nevertheless, the loudest part of me screams, "Eff yeah, tacky animal prints!". Who says you can't wear them together? They're in the same colour-way!



Jersey blazer: Old Navy (I saw this on some other blogger and had to have one. Cosy!)

Sleeveless mock-neck: Thrifted

Skirt: Joe

Boots: Payless

Tights: Givenchy (Winners)

Belt: Daddy's

Maybe next time I'll get whacky with some zebra thrown in. Who knows. I'm all wild like that.

That's all,



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Spring is coming, I can feel it. I know some of you are already well on your way into spring, but where I live there is still snow on the ground. Spring speaks to me of swingy little floral dresses, and I know they're cute on other people, they're just not me.

What I love to wear in the springtime are long-sleeved minis! They're perfect with tights and boots when the weather is colder, yet they also work with heels and bare legs when the weather is fine. You can dress them up or down, and they come in a variety of shapes and fabrics. Heck, they even come in floral. For you. (Not me! :P )

Here are a few that I'm currently lusting after:

What say you? Do you love or hate? Do you have a favourite?

That's all,



Friday, March 4, 2011

Follow Me On Bloglovin'

There is a new way to subscribe, for those of you who haven't signed up with Blogger.

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fall10 025

Or I'll get you!

Sweater, Skirt, Leggings: Old Navy

Socks: Ardene

Boots: Doc Martens

Camera: Kodak

I notice that a lot of the blogs I read are using Bloglovin' so I thought I'd check it out. It's cool so far! Check it out!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Boots!

I had meant to buy myself a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I'd had my eye on, but silly me I tried to not shop during my 30 for 30 challenge as part of the rules and by the time I'd finished it, the shoes that I wanted were sold out in my size. Bollocks! So rewarded myself with these babies:




Tunic: Violet et Claire

Pants: Old Navy

Watch: Etsy

Boots: Aldo McDade on major sale right now!

Ignore those incredibly embarrassing books behind me. *ahem* Someone please remind me to hide those in my bedroom. I don't want you all to think that I have a crush on Justin Bieber and that I have Robert Pattinson's eyes tattooed on my back so he can watch me all the time instead of just while I sleep. (Creepy! Creepy stalker vampire boyfriend!) Do the Hunger Games and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogies redeem me? Please say yes.

That's all,



p.s. I have no idea what I was thinking when I was making these crazy faces!