Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 17: Still Freezing

I'm probably never going to get over how gigantic I feel while wearing skinny jeans.  That's why I always layer over a tunic or a short dress.  On this day it was about... oh, minus eleventy million degrees outside.  I wore this underneath my puffy knee-length parka for most of the day spent outside.

dec15 009

dec15 003

The face is cropped out due to weirdness, but you didn't need to see it anyway. ;)

Hairy vest: Old Navy

Hooded sweater:  Gap

Boy beater:  Calvin Klein

Jeans:  Guess

Boots:  Walmart special!

Necklace:  Orangyred Ink from Etsy (more on this later!)

That's all,



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