Saturday, March 26, 2011

Super Stripes Week: Day 6

This is my last stripe day. I could keep going, but the challenge was for a week and I don't want to be a nerd. Too much...

I'm all mysterious here because I took these outside and it was too bright to look at the camera, not because I'm thinking I'm all bad ass in my roller derby socks and my fedora.




Fedora: Ardene

Tank: Calvin Klein

Striped henley: Old Navy

Skirt: Guess

Tights: Joe

Socks: Ardene

Boots: Doc Martens

Scarf: Stolen!

*Somebody* told me that this skirt is indecently short, and that I might as well not even be wearing a skirt at all. I was thinking of passing it on only because it's starting to look more and more like acid wash every time I launder it, but now that I know it's indecently short I think I just may hold on to it.

That's all,




  1. I probably could have done a month of stripes. But I settled on a week because I get burnt out too fast. I love all the various varied stripes! Thanks so much for participating.

  2. I didn't realise that I even was a stripe person until now. It's made me that much more aware of what exactly is in my closet!