Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bling Wanted


This is my first outfit post since finishing my 30 for 30. I wore this to go out for lunch and to do some shopping with my cousin. I wanted flat boots because she's 8 months pregnant and I thought I'd be helpful if I chased her toddler around for her. Great fun for me, rest for her. My first inclination was to belt it, but I was going out to lunch, y'all. I was going to eat.




Fedora: Ardene

Dress: Old Navy

Ribbed tights: Ardene

Boots: Walmart

Bracelets: Zellers

My cousin was perplexed when I was shopping for some bling. I live a relatively bling-free existence which really must change! She asked me why I needed to buy stuff that was more "flashy" so I said, "Because I take pictures of myself wearing clothes and post them on the internet."

*crickets chirping*

She looked at me as if I had just told her that I'd started producing live webcam shows of a dubious nature! I explained that no, there is no nudity involved and I really don't think she believes me. I'm pretty sure I'm the family porn star now in the gossip grapevine.

That's all,



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