Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 5: Super Stripes Week

Diagonal stripes! I've had this skirt for almost ten years and for some reason I haven't worn it for about 8 years and forgot that it even existed. I bought this because it was more modest for work, but since I haven't worked in all that time, I haven't needed to wear anything below the knee. This jean jacket I bought for 5 dollars at Old Navy and who knows how long it's been in my closet but I ripped the tags off of it this morning, so that's progress in my book. I'm slowly getting this closet under control, I think.



Stripe Close-up:


First Lita outing of this spring:



The day was actually dry enough to wear my JC Litas outside for the first time this season. They make me happy.

Jacket: Old Navy

Tank: Winners

Skirt: Smart Set

Tights: Joe

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Headband: Goody

Nails: Sally Hansen 'In Bloom'

That's all,




  1. #1 You look awsome in this outfit. The juxtoposition of lace tights/jeans jacket/incredible red shoes is just too cool.

    #2 Perhaps you should have saturated your 30 for 30 closet with striped clothes? You're rockin' it daily. *up top!*

    (That wasn't sarcasm, that was just me being overly exuberant because it's Friday and I'm all alone in my office and shh, I shouldn't be on here.)

  2. *Key term "daily", not "rockin' it". You rocked it then, but over a long period of time. Get it? Got it. Good.

  3. Those shoes are insane(ly awesome)!

  4. I stalked these shoes like it was my job before I bought them, and even after all these months I'm still in love. That is so rare for me!