Monday, March 21, 2011


Hosted by: Megan Mae Daily

I got a little carried away with planning for Super Stripes Week. I actually took items out of the "give away" bag just because they were striped. Even though I will put them back after this week, I wore some of them anyway. Is that cheating?

This could also be considered one of my "busy mom" outfits. We walked to the library and then hauled 50 pounds of books back home. On my back. It doesn't help that I took out one of the Outlander series in hardcover, and they weigh about ten pounds each on their own. It was warm enough to wear just this hoodie without a coat! Not remarkable unless I include the word: Canada. I was kind of disappointed that I still needed a toque (beanie!) for warmth, because my blowout turned out to be so swingy and bouncy that I felt like I needed a portable wind machine to follow me around, but such is life.




Striped Skull Toque: Old Navy little boy's section (stolen from the six year old)

Red and white striped tee: Old Navy (will belong to someone else soon!)

Sherpa hoodie: Old Navy. It's soft and warm and yes, be jealous.

Tuxedo Stripe pants: Old Navy (they make me want to pinch my own a$$)

Graffiti-striped shoes: American Eagle for Payless

Zebra striped bra and underwear: You can't see them even if you pay me.

Sunglasses: Club Monaco, didn't even notice that I had them on until now; I'm not trying to be Corey Hart

Oh heck, we might as well:

I was supposed to marry him. Do you think it's too late?

That's all,




  1. Hooray for all the stripes! I have to commend you on even having a striped hat. A+ outfit haha! Thanks for joining stripes week.

  2. It's not too late for me to marry David Duchovny and it's not to late for you and Cory. It's true love, man. True. Blue.

    P.S. Love the stripes! Love the belt in your Cabin Fever montage, too.

  3. Thank you both.

    I dumped Kirk Cameron for Corey, so I know it's real love.