Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been constantly growing out and recutting my bangs for about three years now. I go through a process of hating them, growing them, then wanting them back so I trim them and then I hate them again. I'm currently in the "hate" stage, but it takes a little while to get them to stop being unruly so I'm still adjusting. I'm going to make them shorter, though. I don't like them when they have to be curled under and hairsprayed as if it were still the 80s but before the tidal wave bangs came into fashion. I'm actually tempted to do the tidal wave just to see if I still how much height I can get on these babies.



Moto, pants, striped tee: Old Navy

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Sunglasses: prescription

I'm pretty sure that I have an unlimited supply of black trousers from Old Navy, only in slightly different leg and back pocket styles and they span three sizes. Seriously, this has to stop. I keep telling myself that I'm going to stay out of that store but then I have to go in to buy things for the children who can't seem to keep the knees in their pants and is it my fault that they put the sale rack next to the little boy's section and they have black trousers for 9 dollars? That store is like thrifting for me!

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