Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breaking the Rules

When my dad saw me wearing this dress he said, "Oh. Oh, really!" in a tone that made me think that he wanted to force me to wear a bathrobe over the top of it. I felt good in it which is the most important thing, even though I was trying out that whole "tights and sandals" thing that other bloggers have been doing lately and I always swore I would never do that. Here I am, breaking my own rules and actually liking it. Plus, it got cold again, and we pretty much know that I'm a goofball by now, right?





Jersey blazer: Old Navy

Dress: Pretty Raccoon, Etsy

Tights: Payless

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I should take this time to announce that I didn't love these shoes when I bought them, but I bought them for a song and now they've grown on me. Funny how getting a good deal can make you love something? A great way to spend 30 bucks, if you ask me; shoes are the gift that keeps on giving.

That's all,




  1. Tights with shoes? I don't think I can handle that. I want to handle it and I've been tempted myself (living in a cold clime) but I still refuse. I love you in all black, though. And I love this outfit. But I can't really tell you've got tights on with sandals because they are all black and thus blend.

  2. I think that's the only way I'd be able to pull it off, otherwise I'm screaming "NO!" internally. Maybe I'll *try* it with coloured tights sometime to see, but that would be a stretch for me.

  3. The chandelier has stolen my heart. I *must* have it. Must.

    ...Where do you live, again?

  4. Canada!

    But I left the link, the Etsy shop might have some? I didn't check. Way cheaper/faster than plane tickets and breaking and enter. :D