Monday, April 18, 2011

Derby Day!

Last night was my first night of roller derby with my new, brand new league! My old team colours were black and pink, which looks badass but for the new league I wanted a fresh start and decided that I wouldn't wear any pink at all for a while even though most of my derby items are in that stream. One of my derby sisters actually said, "Wow! You are really colour co-ordinated!" In other news, pressing the button on a camera and then skating to where you need to be to get in the frame is hilarious and a real challenge. They should make us do that in drills.



Helmet: Triple Eight

Jacket: Joe

Shorts: Old Navy

Tights: Zellers

Socks: Ardene

Skates: Riedell Diablo

So you want to know my derby name? Cherry Choca Chola, #408. Not that i go around choking out random Mexican girls, it's kind of an inside joke which I will not disclose. ;)

That's all,




  1. How cool! Sounds like a roaring good time.

  2. It hurts but it's unbelievably awesome.

  3. It does sound like fun. And you look like fun in your derby uni.

  4. Thanks! It is hella fun, and most people don't know that if they have a team near them that the tickets are usually quite inexpensive and it's great for the whole family!

  5. I am checking out my local roller derby girls NOW. (Just for tickets. I scar like a peach and bleed like a hemophiliac.)

  6. I should also mention that many times, kids get in for free!