Friday, April 29, 2011

Sad Clown Faces

The sky was overcast and misty, and I was waiting in vain for my dad to come home to relieve me of my parental duties so that I could go to a special and hella cool roller derby practice in which a league was visiting whose name is ONE LETTER DIFFERENT than my real name. Seriously, how cool is that?! He didn't make it because of the effing mofo'in pinche Toronto rush hour traffic on easter weekend and the fact that we live in cottage country which is where everyone and their dog (literally) wanted to be at the same time. So I'm making sad pouty clown faces like a spoiled princess who didn't get her way.



Toque: My old roller derby league from last season

Cardigan, blouse, trousers: Old Navy

Tights: Payless

Shoes: American Eagle

I did manage to smile again later, darkness doesn't stick to me for very long these days.

That's all,



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