Thursday, April 28, 2011

White Out

My son saw me wearing this and laughed, then he pointed at me and yelled at his friends on the playground, "Ha! Look at my mom!" He failed to elaborate as to why I looked so funny, but in my opinion it was the shoes. This is my first time wearing an oxford with anything other than pants, coupled with my first time wearing all white. I thought these were the only pair of white shoes I own which is why I grabbed them this morning, but right now I'm sitting here looking at my shoe rack and can see at least three others. I'll have to try this whole white-thing again sometime, it was shocking to me that I didn't end up getting splattered with mud, food, or something child-related.



Skirt: Old Navy, $1.99

Linen Jacket: Old Navy, $2o

Tank: Calvin Klein, $10

Socks: Mommed

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Usually when people show their legs for the first time, they apologise for their whiteness. I'm just going to ignore it for now, this is only the second day of the season that it's been warm enough to show our stems. They'll be back to brown soon enough.

That's all,




  1. You're a brown white, so your stems are safe from negative scrutiny. Flaunt your non-whiteness! (If I wore all white, I'd fade into your walls.

    ...I'm not bitter.)

  2. Ha! Still, I think I'll save this whole "white out" thing for when I'm even browner.

  3. Love this white-out look. I can't apologize for the whiteness of my legs - because all of me is just that pale. I don't think you look pale at all!

  4. I do realise that pale for me is not pale for most caucasians. I got some sun on my face yesterday, at least!