Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 19: Flashy

This skirt always annoys me because it's too long. So why not just hike it up and wear it as a dress?

Xmas 011

Why not? Because maybe it's a little too short, that's why. Which I didn't notice until 1) I realised I was flashing my a$$ at the drug store; and 2) I uploaded these pictures.

Xmas 014

But look at my studded leggings! They saved me from a wardrobe malfunction that could possibly have been mortifying. That is, if I had any shame. ;)

Xmas 016

Shirt: Joe

Skirt worn as dress: Old Navy

Leggings: Ardene

Boots, belt: Aldo

Bracelets: I wore a bunch of them but only after I'd taken the photos!

Everyone has a butt, right? So it doesn't matter if it falls out of your skirt all. the. time. like mine does. Heh. Thank goodness I have a modest nine year old who tells me, "Mom, your skirt is caught up on your butt again!"

That's all,



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