Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 24: Football!

My dad was making fun of me for lounging around the house watching football on a Sunday while wearing a dress and a giant scarf. There is nothing more cosy than a dress with ribbed leggings! Whoever invented ribbed leggings, I give you mad props. Those things are warm! Especially when paired with my sweater boots, which don't see the light of day, I swear! I just swapped them out for the photos.




Dress: Old Navy

Scarf: I've had it forever but I want to say Smart Set?

Leggings: Ardene

Socks: Zellers

Boots: George

Belt: Le Chateau

Ring: Babydaddy'd

A dress like this is perfect for lounge wear. Despite the fact that my scarf looks like it's choking me, don't I look toasty?

That's all,



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