Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fruits Week Day 3: Grape

Apparently I have no smiles for you today. Perhaps it's because it's about one million degrees and you're going to be seeing me with this permanent curly mophead all summer long. Even with a flat iron and my Elnet shield... this is what I get in this humidity. Did I mention how it's one million degrees?



Belt: Joe

Necklace and watch: Etsy

Everything else: Old Navy

Perhaps I'm stricken because I keep meaning to take the drawstring out of this blasted shirt and right here it looks like some sort of strange crotch-bow? :P I know I keep trying to stay out of Old Navy, but really, these shoes and shirt were two dollars each and my linen shorts were ten so that's how I justify it. Very grape-y!

That's all,




  1. Hooray for purple. Love the espadrilles. I think your hair looks cute up like that.

  2. I love purple! I wish I'd smiled! I really do love smiling.

  3. It's a gift from God, right? Stick a bow on it and call it true. X)

    I like this outfit especially well! Your legs, by the way, look amazing. And your tan. *huffs an envious sigh*

  4. My tan is just beginning. I'm excited about it, really, I love to be browner!