Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reffin' Up

This is a profile picture I had taken for our roller derby league's website. We were instructed by the photographer to make mean faces, and I am famous for my snarl. Just ask my ex! Just kidding. (But only sort of!) The good thing about having a blog like this is that I was not nervous at all to be photographed and to get my shots finished it took about 2 minutes total, whereas a lot of the girls were nervous and felt awkward so it took them a little longer to warm up. The photographer was amazing and was a really fun guy, which helped a lot. We all had so much fun! Then we went to practice afterward and sweat all of our makeup off like good little derby girls!

Shirt: part of my uniform

Shorts: Joe

Fishnets: Old Navy

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita

A lot of people were asking me where I got my shoes, and I was glad to have the photographer feature them prominently when he photoshopped this to play with the light, etc. Jeffrey Campbell makes a great monster platform!

That's all,




  1. You look hot and dangerous! Love it!


  2. I would not question any of your calls!

  3. Yow! I wouldn't mess with your calls. Respect. The shoes totally make the outfit. Kick some ass.

    Re: one shouldered tops - I totally agree, only in a different way. I could wear deep v's to my navel and be comfortable, but something about one shouldered tops makes me feel like a wardrobe malfunction could happen at any moment! Ah well, we all have our own points of comfort.

  4. The tights, the shoes, the stripes? Love.

    Your face?? Love, love, love. You're fierce and foxy, no denyin'. :D