Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Thing For Hats

I've just come off of a crazy-busy weekend of roller derby and driving for hours and hours to be able to do that. It's Tuesday but I'm still worn out! I will perhaps have pictures later, depending on whether or not the photographers snapped me! I'll know once they upload them and will hopefully be able to share! We had a lot of injuries on Sunday night, but thankfully since I'm a ref, I didn't end up breaking my ass like my unfortunate derby sister who is on her second ass break right now! Ouch! In other news, I have no idea when I wore this but it says May in my Flickr and it's the only one I haven't blogged yet that's been kicking around in my account. My camera is full again after the unfortunate hard drive loss, so I'll just have to repeat the outfits that I've missed if I can remember them.


Hat, Socks: Ardene

Shirt: Joe

Skirt, Tights: Old Navy

Boots: Walmart

Bracelet: Zellers

Watch: Etsy

There is something about hats. I am a sucker for hats! Not baseball caps, baseball caps can go jump off a bridge for all I care, but real honest-to-goodness hats I am IN LOVE! They're also quite good for disguising my helmet hair after I leave derby practice! Win-win!

That's all,




  1. This outfit rocks extra hard. I am such a sucker for the boots. And tights. And hat. And the pattern/texture on the shirt is a nice touch. And I don't usually like skirts, but that is perfect for this outfit.

    See? Extra rockage.

  2. Thank you! I used to wear this skirt far too much but since I've gained this weight it's been floundering at the bottom of my drawer and I forget that I own it!

  3. This makes me wish I didn't have such a tiny head! I LOVE hats. Yours looks so cute. I love those tights. I'd also love a close up of your watch (?).

  4. I'll post a close-up of my watch for one day this week, I keep meaning to and I have one ready.