Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Team Spirit

The fact that I didn't smile in this photo does not mean that I was not excited at all in this picture. I was so proud of my girls and the job they did on the track that I just wanted to wear my roller derby shirt the next day. I don't get to wear my team shirt during games because I'm a referee and I need to a) wear stripes and b) be impartial. So I'm not smiling but my eyes are saying "Go Limestone CrusHers!"



Shirt: Uniform

tweed Shorts: Joe

Shoes: Iron Fist "Dia de los Muertos"

Bracelet: Zellers

Hair elastic: Goody. Just to sex up the photo. Rofl!

I have since taken my shirt and DIY'ed it. Meaning, I cut off the sleeves and the bottom hem and scrunched the shoulders and tied them with little bows. I will show you all at a later date. Also note: I want to squeal with glee whenever I see my own name and number on my shirt! The only problem is that when people read it I have to tell them "Rhymes with Coca-cola" and they still don't get it. So I just say, "Call me Chola" and it all works out, but I didn't foresee the mispronunciation in advance!

That's all,



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