Monday, June 27, 2011

I've Got the Blues

I've been crazy-busy for the past two months. Literally, I've been going crazy and have barely been able to breathe! I'm looking forward to school being out so I can have the kids to myself, since all of their extra-curriculars will end as well. That feeling will probably last... oh, about 3 days before I'm ready to tear out my hair. Still, it will be nice to get to spend a weekend at home again sometime soon!

This was supposed to be my last outfit for Fruits Week, I went with blueberry. I just had to wear it again after that whole virus-fiasco wiped my hard drive. So you haven't seen it, but it is a repeat. It was very breezy when the weather was hella hot like it's been.



Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts: Stitches

Shoes: Old Navy

Bracelet: Child gifted and the blue gator one is thrifted

I'm still feeling weird about letting people see me in shorts. I would normally only wear these to the beach or for bumming around the yard or something but being in roller derby has made me embrace wearing shorts that are closer to being considered panties with a zipper than I normally would have been. That, and did I mention that it's hot?

That's all,




  1. Love that blouse! The greatest thing about not blogging about a great outfit is you can wear it again - and then blog about it.

  2. I should also mention that this blouse cost me two dollars and I've already worn it three times!

  3. It's a good purchase- a great shade of blue on you, too! Can't beat a victory, especially at $2.