Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Neutrality and Nakedness!

Behold! Pretty dresses!

I've always considered this colour a non-colour. The terms "nude" or "blush" or "flesh", I take issue with because that implies that all people are this colour which is entirely false. I'll just call it "neutral" for now.

My "best friend forever", or since the very early nineties, is getting married in about two weeks. I've been procrastinating on the dress-thing! Usually I don't have trouble deciding what to wear but this time I've just hit a blank. I've never tried this colour but I think I'm going to for this occasion and I want to see how it looks with my tanned skin. It's not a fancy wedding, she's getting married at city hall and having a reception at a vegan restaurant so I don't have to go all out with the fanciness and the bling and all that.

So I know what colour stream I'm shopping for, I just don't know what shape I want to go for. Perhaps I'll go all in for the caftan to disguise the fact that I had to hit a burger joint on the way to the reception? Totally kidding. (Maybe. I do love my meat!) I'm going shopping today so hopefully I have luck and if I don't come back with something that I had in mind, at least I hope I will have something and I won't have to show up naked. Now that would be embarrassing!

That's all,




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  2. I'm still of the mind that anyone (of any color) can wear biege/pale pink/nude/neutral. But it's alllll about tone and shade. I myself need to have either biiit more pink or brown than white or else it does become the same shade of my skin and wash me out. Try holding things up towards your face to fine the right shade.