Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fruits Week Day 4: Banana

It's hard for me to look at myself and think "banana" without screaming "EGG!" in my head. Banana is not my favourite! It reminds me of having to take antibiotics when I was a kid. Banana bread, however, makes up for all that. I'm pretty sure that banana bread was sent from heaven.



Yellow Halter: Old Navy

White Skirt: Old Navy

Gladiators: American Eagle for Payless

Necklace: Gift from the six year old

Bracelets: Randomness

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry

This nail polish is totally grossing me out. I bought it on purpose for banana day, and it took four coats to cover and it just looks... like mashed banana! Not fun. I have one colour from this brand that I love, and two others that I hate. I don't know how the "Sonic Bloom" colour can go on so nicely and give great coverage, when this yellow was so horrible and the red that I have gives no coverage and is impossible to take off. The last time I got a pedicure I was wearing the red and the man who was taking the polish off got it all over his hands and I'm sure he used up his cotton ball quota for the day, poor soul! I was meant to be talking about fruit... Anyway, moral of the story is: You get what you pay for. Cheap nail polish is always going to just be cheap nail polish! I'm sticking with the brands I can count on, like Essie and O.P.I., just to name two. End rant.

That's all,




  1. You did the reverse of my outfit! Love your big yellow necklace. Your hair looks amazing btw!

  2. Thank you! My six year old bought this necklace for me out of a coin machine at the movie theatre. He's wonderful that way.