Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12-15: Catching Up

I'll admit that I've been living mostly in boy-beaters and yoga pants for the past few days.  Today I was feeling better so I decided to just play with my clothes as if I were a child playing dress up, and dammit, it's fun!  I should do that more often!  Something I learned:  Who says you can't do smoky eyes with red lips?  Rules were made to stomp on, I say.  Preferably in monster platforms like these.

I started with this:

nov30 008

nov30 009

nov30 016

Added the skirt, headband and lipstick:

nov30 028

nov30 029

nov30 033

Then stripped back down to the dress, changed out the boots for my Litas and added a hairy vest.

nov30 042

Then I took the vest off because I realise that I do hate it after all.  Loathe entirely!

nov30 048

This is me, loathing entirely.

Then I stayed that way for the rest of the day, other than to swap out the cute shoes for rubber boots since it was raining.  The frown might have possibly stayed as well. :)

Dress, skirt, vest:  Old Navy

Cummerbund:  Aldo

Tights:  Payless

Boots:  George

Booties:  Jeffrey Campbell

Headband:  Zellers

For some reason I never seem to realise precisely how short my skirts and dresses are until I see there here.  For years I've never known, I swear!  It's all good though; I'm 31 and I happen to be someone's mom, but I'm not dead yet.

That's all,




  1. Believe it or not, I like the dress plain, with the furry vest over it. Just my call...

  2. that faux fur vest is fantastic!

  3. I tried it again yesterday with two different outfits. I'm not ready to give up yet because it's so warm and I'm so cold! Pictures soon.