Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 11: Purple Rain

It's hella cold right now.  Why can't I just wear this dress for the rest of the challenge?  It's made of corduroy and it's so warm!  In posting this I just realised that I'm not just black, white, grey and red.  I'm also kind of purple as well.  Day 11 and I'm still learning things.

nov27 023

Ignore the camera flash; here's a picture where I don't look quite so awkward!

nov27 007

Dress, leggings:  Old Navy

Burnout Tee, belt:  Joe

Socks:  Some gun company like Winchester or Remington or something.  Thanks, daddy!

Boots:  Doc Martens

Ring:  Found inside the wall of an old house, lol

Bracelet:  gifted

Watch:  Funky Laura on Etsy

Also, ignore my incredibly unladylike pose in the second photo.  I do have dress-etiquette, I swear!  My mother did actually teach me how to get in and out of cars in miniskirts without flashing my ladybits to the world as well, thank you. :P  There will be no "Pulling a Britney" up in here.

That's all,



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