Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day One

I got my nine year old to take my picture outside today, which is why there's only one.  If he expects me to help him with his paper route, boy is going to have to develop some photography skills.  Just kidding.  (but not really)  Anyway, this was the only one which was not blurry and/or freakishly lit, but you really don't need to see my face or head at all.

For my first outfit post, I took inspiration from the Oscar-winning (okay, not really but they were robbed!) film "Adventures in Babysitting".  I included a clip!  You can either skip to around 6 minutes when she arrives at the house, or to around 7:20 when she takes off her coat, but really you should just watch the whole thing because this movie is pure magic.  So much 80s gold, so little time.

So here is my version:  less colourful and with hotter shoes.

Nov9 005

Coat, Dress:  Old Navy

Scarf:  Left behind at our house by an ex-boyfriend of my sister (finders keepers)

Skinnies:  Guess

Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell Lita 

Sunglasses:  Prescription

One day down, 29 to go.

That's all,




  1. I wore cute clothes today because of this new project of yours. Well- I tried for cute, fell a little short, but got closer than yesterday. w00t for inspiration. :D

  2. Yay for you with the cute! Especially if I'm feeling down I make sure I wear hot shoes. Hot enough to make me drool yet sturdy enough to chase kids in, which these ones are.

  3. Very pleased to see another Jeffery Campbell lover out there. Spectacular!

  4. I would marry him for free shoes. ;)

  5. Those red shoes make me weep with jealousy. You are a way hotter Chris Parker.

  6. Chris Parker ain't got shyte on me.