Friday, November 12, 2010

30 For 30: Day 2

This is my second attempt at this 30 for 30 Challenge.  I've had a nasty cold for the past week so what better to brighten my mood than a Joey Jeremiah fedora?  A friend once looked over my outfit once and exclaimed, "Where would you wear something like that?!"  Oh, the joys of a small town, where even wearing coloured tights is considered suspect!

So where did I wear a fedora in Elvistown, population 1800?  The post office, the grocery store, the kids' karate class, the nursing home, then home for a quick change into my roller derby attire before making the trek to practice.  I didn't notice if anyone stared, but at least no one asked me why I was wearing this.  Progress?

Fallpics 394

Sans fedora, sans specs, avec le hat-head

Fallpics 402

Nerd Alert!  ;)

Navy shirt:  Old Navy; white tank:  Calvin Klein; grey skirt, Old Navy; stirrup tights:  DKNY; boots:  Doc Martens; fedora:  pilfered from my son.  You'll notice that only the fedora is black!  That just might make me want to wear an all-black ensemble tomorrow.  We shall see.

That's all,



*p.s.  Did anyone else notice that I look like a giant?  I'm not really a giraffe, I swear.

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