Monday, November 8, 2010

30 For 30 Items

I'm getting off to a rather late start with this project after a very busy weekend, but better late than never.   Choosing 30 items to wear for the next 30 days is not as easy at it may seem!  Before letting myself get too wordy, on to the photos!

30for30 001

Footwear:  It's cold in Canada!  I fought so hard to not add Uggs into the mix, but I can't really wear shoes because there is a very real possibility that it's going to be snowing by the end of this challenge.  So, from left to right:  Grey slouch boots, George; Black flat boots, Aldo; Silver Doc Martens; Red Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties.

30for30 006

Bottoms:  Black jersey fold-over skirt, Old Navy; grey ruffled skirt, Old Navy; black asymmetrical hem skirt, F21; Denim pencil skirt, Old Navy; Black tuxedo pants, Old Navy; light wash jeans, Joe; Guess skinnies; black wide-leg trousers, The Bay

30for30 007

Tops and Dresses:  White beater, Calvin Klein; red sleeveless, Old Navy; purple burnout tee, Joe; navy button-down, Old Navy; bright blue cowl-neck dolman, Old Navy; striped turtleneck, Smart Set; floral blouse, Old Navy; striped tee, Old Navy; black 3/4 sleeve, Joe; both dresses, Old Navy

30for30 004

Sweaters and Jackets:  black shrug, George; white cable-knit, Old Navy; grey blazer, Old Navy; black velvet blazer, Smart Set; grey shawl cardigan, Bluenotes; sweater, Gap; hairy vest, Old Navy

Something I have learned from choosing my items?  I need to stop shopping so much at Old Navy, and since when did I become a member of the Addams family?!!  You have no idea how many black items I had to put back in the closet!  It was a huge effort for me to choose things that were not either grey or black, and some of the things I chose just because they were colour-based are things that I rarely ever wear.  So other than finding out that I dress like Goth Mom, I'm looking forward to the next phase of this challenge:  the remixing!  Onward!

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