Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Copy Cat

I was pretty much copying this chick when I got dressed on this day, except that I couldn't find my black summer hat and didn't want to do the black fedora again, and all my pictures turned out squinty because it was too freaking bright. And! Welcome to another forlorn part of the outside of my house! You've seen the basement door, so now you can see the door to the back porch!


Nobody needs to see that many squinty wrinkles unless it's a before and after botox ad!

Dress: Old Navy

Purse: Aldo

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Bracelet: goblin-made. I mean child-made!

My four year old is obsessed with trying to get me to wear this dress, but then he was mad at me because I wasn't wearing pretty shoes. I told him that I had to wear flat shoes when we walked to pick up his brothers from school, but he was still mad at me until he convinced me to put on red lipstick. Red lipstick is the answer to many of the world's major problems!

That's all,




  1. That's a fantastic dress. It's hilarious that your kids are dressing you. They've got good taste! Red lips can be the best accessory.

  2. Thank you! I wore my first fruits week outfit today (lemon/lime) and when I picked the oldest boy up from school, he said, "Mom. Really? That is bright!". He liked it, though.

  3. Thank you! *flutters eyelashes*