Monday, May 30, 2011

Fruits Week: Day 1: Lemon-Lime

I meant to redo this outfit without the pants because it was better without them by far. I wore this on a day when I really didn't leave the house at all, and when I went to pick the kids up from school I took one step outside and nearly froze to death so I ran back inside and grabbed a pair of pants out of the dryer. I took the pictures when I got home and since I like being accurate, this is what you get. I will wear this again in the future without the jeans underneath and without the crazy turband. It's not ever a combination I would ever go for normally, and this is a bathing suit cover-up and shouldn't really ever be considered a dress but I felt fun in it which is what counts. Fruits Week: Stretching my boundaries and forcing me to try new things even on Day 1!



Turband: Self-made

Cardigan: Old Navy

Tunic: Old Navy

Skinnies: Guess

Shoes: Nine West

Orange shoes because I'm sad that there was no orange day in Fruits Week! I decided to mix them into the lemon/lime day. Or as I've been referring to it: Lima y Limón. That has a beautiful ring to it.

That's all




  1. I think adding orange was a great idea. Keely did that too, bringing in orange and pink for a full citrus gamut.

    I love the super brights. Sometimes you've gotta work with the weather, though! Love the sandals!

  2. I want this cardigan!!! :)
    It looks great.

  3. I always think that orange is my favourite colour, but then red, black, pink and purple get jealous and I don't want to hurt their feelings. So really, all those. Green and yellow though, we're still testing each other out.

  4. @ Twills - Green and yellow come in tons of shades and saturations. I'm sure you'll find some that will suit you the way you like. I love green on you!

  5. I just saw your version of lemon-lime and your shade of green is my favourite green. I used to have a sweater in that exact shade in high school until it met with an unfortunate dryer accident. I've been mourning it since 1995!

  6. What a cute outfit! I especially love the cardigan--great find!

  7. Thank you! I almost got rid of this cardigan in the winter but I'm so glad I kept it.