Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Orange is Not the New Pink

This outfit was boring except for the orange shoes so I decided to show you my purse and also to tie this scarf on myself. My ten year old told me I looked weird, but he's lucky that I wasn't wearing it as a shirt like I was earlier that day until I realised that it was making me look like I had weird crotch-area tassels. Also, I mention the words crotch and vagina far too much for a blog about clothes.




Tank: Calvin Klein

Skirt: Old Navy $2!

Scarf: Ardene

Shoes: Nine West

Purse: XOXO

Gold & reptile bracelets: thrifted

Apparently not into smiling much this day, although I did have fun while wearing this! The two brightest things I own at the exact same time. I am going to have to remix them into Fruits Week!

That's all,



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