Friday, May 20, 2011

Pants Envy

I am pretty much obsessed with this girl's pants, Krystal from This Time Tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I hate pants! I hate that I am too tall for regular length but when I get long length I either have to wear hella tall shoes or have them hemmed and I procrastinate way too much for that mess.

But these pants are blue! Electric blue! They're short on purpose! I know she bought them from Asos but I'm obsessed with finding pants this colour in real life so that I can try them on. I live in the middle of nowhere so driving for a few hours either way to find them is no big deal if I just knew where exactly to get them...

Has anyone seen pants like this in person? If so, where? Won't you enable my pants envy? Driving to San Francisco to steal this blogger's pants is just not an option right now, especially since I'd only be able to wear hers as a hand puppet. :P Help a sister out!

Find me some pants.

That's all,




  1. I don't know where you could find some, but I do have a rec for you. Choose what stores you have that are local, and check their online shop before driving out looking. It'll save on gas, and if you want to really be sure - call and make sure they have your size (size range, if you're unsure).

  2. Where I live, well at least a forty minute drive from where I live, there is Old Navy, Sears and Roots and that's pretty much it. I'm going to a bigger city tomorrow so I will be on the lookout. Someday soon I will drive the three hours to get myself to a Zara, Mango or an H&M. I always feel sure that I can find what I want at either of those. I've also seen some really cute pink pants on bloggers who say they've bought them at Zara.