Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maxi + Stompers

This is the only long skirt/dress item I own, and I never wear it. I just hate maxi dresses! I always feel enormous in them, or even worse: pregnant. I know it helps a little that I'm an even six feet tall in these shoes but the only other time I've worn this dress is when I've let the cleave bust out with my red lacy bra. Of course when I add a touch of skank to the mix I feel a lot more comfortable. Maybe I'll get this vagina dress from F21? (Which I secretly loved before it was pointed out that it looks like ladybits)


I suck hard at this whole self-timer thing. I get five shots, and this is what usually happens:






Finally in the middle, and now we're done!

Except for this silliness:


Dress, jacket, scarf: Old Navy

Tank: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

The boy child told me that I would only look pretty if my dress were pink; then he made me have a mustache but at least I got the tiara!

That's all,



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