Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had a huge head start on Fruits Week last week, and am almost finished with the project other than the posting which I usually do all at once on Sundays. But! Then I bought these shorts on the weekend which are perfect for "Watermelon" so I think I'm going to remix them for Watermelon day and just post my original watermelon-inspired outfit tomorrow or something. It's just a little strange; though I love short skirts, these short shorts are creeping me out!

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Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts: Joe

Shoes: Nine West

Bracelet: Gifted from the six year old

I feel like all of a sudden my life has gone technicolour. Heck, next time I might even try to wear everything I own that's bright at the exact same time. I'm curious as to how that would look. We shall see.

That's all,




  1. Those are perfect for watermelon day! I love the red sandals with the pink shorts! I've already pre-worn LemonLime. The outfit just happened to work out that way.

  2. I need to re-wear lemon lime because it was cold that day and I ended up having to throw pants on before I went out and have no pictures without the pants. And I'm going to redo my watermelon day because these are just the perfect colour!