Friday, July 22, 2011

A Blog Within Which I Get Wordy

I've had the best few days. On Wednesday, I drove for four hours to my mom's house to drop off my kids for a few days. The next day we went shopping and I ended my several year search for the perfect pair of white linen pants and I found them at Costa Blanca for 15 dollars! I also popped into Aldo to order some shoes because I haven't been able to find the colour that I want in any of the stores near home. They didn't have them but I chose to pay there and have them delivered from any store that did have them in blue. I drove four hours home, stopped in to my house and did my son's paper route for him, drove another hour to roller derby practice, sweat my buns off for two hours, another hour drive home. Shower, snack, sleep in!

This morning at around 10 am, the doorbell rang several times and woke me up. Since I was sleeping au naturel *ahem* there was no way I was going to answer the door. Then I heard someone climbing the stairs to my back deck. WHERE MY BEDROOM WINDOW IS. OMG! But it was just the UPS guy leaving my package there since I had the house locked up like Fort Knox. IT WAS MY SHOES!!!!

In less than 24 hours, Aldo shipped my shoes right to my house, free shipping and all. Last summer I burned through three pairs of wedge sandals and I never did replace them, so now I have these babies to keep me occupied. I am extremely happy with their service and their shipping times. I like to go on shopping whims in the middle of the night, and even if you order shoes on a Thursday, you quite often get them the next morning in time for the weekend. Beyond thrilled, and my new wedge sandals have all the elements I was looking for: colour, wedge heels, walkable, comfortable, rope details, straps but not too strappy and they were on sale! I'm wearing them right now, no outfit photos because I haven't actually gotten dressed yet. I'm such a hedonist when the kids aren't home. Happy weekend, all!

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