Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Neon Attack

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of participating as an official at a huge roller derby tournament in our nation's capital. There was a black and white dress code for all of us, and for some reason I took issue with that. Now, normally I prefer to be in all black... but as soon as someone told me I had to be, well this is what happens when you attend the group meeting the night before:


I have no idea why I'm standing like this, but apparently I wanted you all to know that I have booty?

And an extra bonus baby picture, because this just proves that when your outfit is this fun, you have to have fun while wearing it.


Ooh, but I totally forgot that I switched to orange wedges before leaving the house!

Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts: Joe

Shoes: Old Navy but I switched to Nine West for extra brightness

Necklace and bracelet: Child gifted

Polish: That Sally Hansen yellow stuff that I hate

I stayed with my BFF that night, and when I went to meet her for dinner I mentioned the fact that my outfit was rebelling against the dress code and that I was wearing every bright thing I own even though it didn't match. And she said, "I noticed that it didn't match" and I was all "Bish, plz!" I defy you to tell me that I look bad. I might hurt your eyes, but I was strutting this. So there. :P Haters gonna hate.

That's all,




  1. I love those shoes!

    I would kill KILL for your legs. Seriously. I would permanently injure a kitten for them. I would.

  2. Bwahaha! I'm all blushing here now.

  3. Giiiirrrl, you are rocking all that color. Besides, clashing colors are all over the runways. I love all the neon, eye searing colors here. You look great! And those wedges totally make your legs look ten million miles long. Insanely jealous commenter number 2 here!

  4. "Color blocking"- it's all the rage. You look FABULOUS. This is totally flattering and stylin' and, by jove, your toenails- your toenails, woman!

  5. My toenails are blinding me!