Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lesson Learned

My sister (who is also in my roller derby league) and I decided to go rollerskating on Saturday. We worked out hardcore for three straight hours, and were drenched in sweat by the time we were done. Only to find out that three of our girls were playing with another team at the same venue we were at, so we stayed to watch them. Except that the two teams didn't have enough refs, so in comes Cherry Choca Chola to save the day!

Except that I had just skated my butt off for three hours, my equipment and clothing was soaking wet with sweat, and it stank! I am in my street clothes and borrowed socks, and you can tell that this is at the end of the fourth hour of hard skating because I look half dead in this picture. Lesson 1) Always carry extra clothes and your referee shirt in your derby bag; 2) Don't skate for four hours on a Saturday when you have a two hour practice on a Sunday and then again on a Monday! 3) This is still pretty much the most fun activity ever. Period.


Tank: Calvin Klein

Linen Shorts: Old Navy

Socks: Borrowed

Helmet and safety gear: Triple 8

Whistle: Fox 40

Skates: Riedell Diablo with Poison Alloy Slim Wheels and Bones Red Bearings and Sourpuss cherry laces (I'm such a nerd for skates)

Ankle Gaskets: From Neon Skates in Montreal

I was half dead but it was so worth the pain. I'm getting stronger every day and I'm feeling all badass about it. ;) A big thank you to Coachlite Gardens for hosting the event and for being the only roller rink left within a two hour radius of the town in which I live. Big love for that!

That's all,



Photo by Mike Finn Photography, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


  1. Woo, go you! Sounds like an awesome weekend.

  2. Awesome, but I'm still tired from it!