Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey Little Sister, Shotgun!

Bride is NOT PREGNANT, though for some reason that song was in my head all day on Saturday... I am going to be posting again later with my outfit post for "Trends Week", but thought I'd post this first and it will give me some time to charge my camera battery and um... get dressed and stuff.

I have found a new reason to hate having extra weight on right now... and that is that it was impossible for me to find something to wear to my best friend's wedding. I hated everything in stores this time of year, which were mostly floral or halter or floral-halter dresses! So I decided to go with a pinstripe dress that I thrifted for 12 dollars a while ago, only to find the exact same dress in a store a few weeks later for 80 dollars! It was the only thing I owned that worked well with my fascinator, which of course was what I based my outfit around. This is me with the bride and our other bestie:


Fascinator: Leg Avenue

Dress: Ellen Tracy

Shoes: Victoria's Secret (I know you can't see them right now, but you will see them soon!)

Necklace, bracelets, belt and owl ring: Aldo

We don't have any proper photos of us together just yet, we're waiting to get some back from the professionals. My speech went well except for the one moment in French when I lapsed into Spanish prounounciation! Grrr! It's so hard to switch back from those two languages, especially when I haven't spoken French in so long but have been gradually learning more Spanish in recent years. It's the letter "R" that kills me. If the Spanish "R" is working for me, I find I can't pronounce "R" in French and vice-versa. The guy who was taking this iPhone picture scolded me for not looking at the camera, but I think it still works. And look at how beautiful my girls are!

That's all,



That's not all! Edited to add a brighter, full body shot of the bride and I making our entrance. I'm carrying her stuff so I'm obscured, but you can see my shoes!



  1. I DIE for your fascinator! DIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And why am I leaning all close to the computer screen to get a better of your fascinator!?

  3. Hee! You still technically pulled off the stripes/floral. You all look so great!

  4. Oh my gosh! I totally did without realising it! Yay!!!!