Friday, July 8, 2011

On The Road Again

This is yet another travel weekend for me. I'm hoping that next weekend I get to stay home and sleep for two days straight, but this weekend my best friend is getting married so I wouldn't miss that for the world! There's a civil ceremony today, followed by a reception at a vegan restaurant tomorrow. I'm hoping I won't mess up my speech, part of which is in French! And! I have a fascinator to wear also, which I'm really excited about. I can pretend to be The Duchess of Cambridge for a day! So enjoy this low-quality Blackberry picture of my jacked feet rollin' down the highway. I'll be back next week for "Trends Week".


Sandals: AE for Payless

Jeans: Gap, scored for 13 dollars in the actual store!

Car: Sister's Dodge Calibre (a car is totally an accessory!)

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

That's all,



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