Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This might be a contender for "Favourite Outfit Ever". I've never tried the shorts/tights/boots thing before but I love how it feels. It would have been quite a boyish outfit save for the pink leopard tights. Also, tank + vest for some reason I've always wanted to try so I was glad that I did. It was actually okay that it rained like crazy when I wore this because I would have had to wait until fall, otherwise!



Close-up of tights:


Tank: Calvin Klein

Vest: Smart Set

Wool Shorts: Joe

Tights: Leg Avenue

Boots: Aldo

Bracelet: Zellers

Watch: Etsy

Hair Elastic: Goody, just to add some sex appeal. :P

You might have noticed that you've seen these tights before. That's because I've posted this outfit before in part, only that I'd thrown on a raincoat and swapped these boots out for rubber ones, then carried what I call my "Pride Umbrella". Funny story about that umbrella, which might make it to my other blog someday. I actually wish I could wear these tights every day, though, only that it's too hot to even wear any clothes at all right now much less tights!

That's all,




  1. Love the tights! This outfit is like menswear goes sexy.

  2. These tights are so soft, too. If it weren't so hot I'd be wearing them all the time!