Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Trends Week: Day 3: Sparkles for Day

Immediately I think of sparklegasmic sequin overload. There really aren't enough items in the world with sequins on them! When I bought this skirt the sales girl said, "I've been wanting to buy this too, but I don't know where I'd ever wear it!" So I said, "Oh honey, I wear sequins to the grocery store!" While flipping my hair dramatically over my shoulder, which is in fact the very reason why I must never cut it short! I would lose my mojo! I hope I did inspire her to buy it and to make the sequins work their sparklegasmic magic on her, too.


Tank: Old Navy

Skirt: Joe

Shoes: Victoria's Secret

Watch: Etsy

Necklace: Aldo

I wore this to take my kids to see Zookeeper. I can't believe I paid actual money to see a Kevin James movie, but the kids liked the talking animals. I will make up for it later this week by watching the amazingness that will be Harry Potter v7.2! I might cry. Will you cry? Dobby! ;(

That's all,




  1. I love the sequins paired with the leopard heels! And who wouldn't want to wear a sequined skirt to the grocery store? It makes a mundane task more fun!

  2. Sequins on sequins with leopard! AWESOME! I'm really amazed at how many people went with animal print+sequins today. I guess the match is just made in heaven.

    Why be mundane when you can be fabulous? I'll wear over the top outfits just to go to the store or to class.

    I've got my tissues ready for Harry Potter. I will probably cry for the entire time. I'll cry because it's the end, I'll cry for the deaths. I'll cry for Harry and Voldy. I'll miss it so bad.

  3. So sparkly! Sequins are so much fun! And I love the leopard print heels.

  4. I'm pretty sure that the Snape parts are going to kill me.

    I love sequins soooo much! Thanks so much guys, for thinking of this!