Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Trends Week, Day 4: Eclectic Prints

I really don't own many prints at all. Am I that boring?!! Some mean person once told me that since I look "ethnic", when I wear prints it makes me look "Fresh off the Boat". I've steered clear of them ever since but now in my adult years I know that there's nothing wrong with looking "ethnic" and I've learned to embrace being a "browner shade of white". So I did prints in the shoes! (And trust, I'll be "monitor shopping" for zany prints in the near future)




Maxi: Old Navy

Espadrilles: Betsey Johnson

Bracelets: Thrifted and child made (the beaded one)

In the summer time, I feel like we can get away with things like bra straps. So if I'm going to be wearing thin straps, I usually pick a fairly obvious bra to wear with it. Blending it in is never going to work, and I've had three babies: There is no way I'm going braless. I'd never have straps showing if I were going to an event, especially not if I were going to work, but for a day like I've had which included running errands, going to the park, etc, I can afford to be a little "trashy". Also, this maxi is hard to walk in because it's long and there are no slits. So I gathered it up and tied it in a little knot on the inside. No more tiny steps!

That's all,




  1. Cute dress and I adore those sandals. I think you have beautiful skin. I can't weigh in on ethnic or not, but blue is your color! I adore prints of all kinds, but when it comes to shopping I still buy white, black and grey and get home wondering where all the colorful interesting prints went that I tried on.

    As for the bra situation, I'm mostly just going without (with skinny straps) unless there's some major nip issues.

  2. I love blue, it's one of those colours that I love but don't buy very much of.

    I would love to go without bras, but unfortunately that's not an option!

  3. Such a pretty color on you. I love your sandals! Love it all!

  4. That's a great color on you! And the shoes are so fun. What a great summery outfit.