Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Uniform: Beach Wear

This is what I am wearing quite often, come summer. We tend to go to the beach a lot, and I'm usually always sporting a big floppy hat (to keep the sun off my face so I don't wrinkle!), this giant white bag, flip flops, and this dress that I call my Wilma Flinstone Dress because of the hem. Bikini underneath, of course. Never under any circumstances will there be photos of that, FYI.


Hat: Thrifted

Dress: Some local place that I can't remember

Bag: Joe

Flip-flops: Amercian Eagle

I'm all ready to hit the sand: Dark tanning oil on everything else, 75 SPF on the face. Mama is a vain creature.

That's all,




  1. Eee! This is a beach look I can get on board with. The white bag and wide brim had makes it summery, but the hem keeps it edgy. loveit!

  2. I love that I'm still beachy even though it's black.