Friday, July 29, 2011

What I Should Have Worn

I did learn from my lack of preparedness the last time I refereed in a last minute fill-in situation, and I put together this little number for the next time I have a bout which will be in August. I'm still tweaking it, I'm not supposed to wear any colours at all but I always cheat with my tights and my skates are red. My belt is actually black and white woven straw but it didn't show up in pictures very well. A good excuse to wear it again soon.



Ref Shirt: eBay

Belt: Costa Blanca

Skirt: Decypher Clothing

Tights: Zellers

Socks: Point Zero

Shoes: Iron Fist "Dia de los Muertos"

I hope to test drive a few more looks between now and the bout to determine which is the cutest/most comfortable. Perhaps you all would like to help me determine that as well. As you know, choosing an outfit when you're going to be on display is a major life decision! Okay, not really, but close.

That's all,



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