Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh Canada!

I wore this for Canada Day. I went to the parade and to the events for kids at the park, then I went out at night and drank 2/3 of a Corona which made me tipsy, then I went home and fell into a coma. Not very patriotic of me, I should have been drinking this:


But to me, a non-drinker, this beer tastes gross and I like to try to embark on drinking a Corona con lima about once a year. So far I've never been able to finish one, though! I'll work on it. Anyway, so I wore this and felt very patriotic because of it!


Shirt, skirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Seychelles

Owl Ring: Aldo

Bracelet: Gifted

I had to make do with an iPhone pic that my sister took of me because my camera battery was dead, so it's not very clear. As you can see, though, I was in the spirit of July 1st. Happy birthday Canada, you old crone! :P

That's all,




  1. *Very* pretty. I dig.

    P.S. For some reason I thought America had the market on "patriotism". I mean, Patriot This, Patriot That- I figured you all would call it... "Canadian pride" or perhaps "Canadianism".


  2. On second thought, "Canadianism" sounds like something you'd catch from the bite of a Canadian.

    *leery stare*

  3. Really cute patriotic look. From a non-drinker - all beer smells like piss to me.

  4. It tastes like it, too. Easier for me to be a *mostly* non-drinker as well, except for you know, communion and stuff, lol!